Preventing Vision Loss for ALL Georgians

Georgia 20/20 is a network of vision service providers collaborating to prevent visual impairment and helping Georgians achieve their full visual potential through health promotions and education, service delivery, and advocacy.

Our Vision: A world in which no Georgian is needlessly blind or visually impaired and where those with unavoidable vision loss can achieve their full potential through universal access to comprehensive eye care services.

  • Health Promotion and Education

  • Service Delivery

  • Advocacy

Health Promotion and Education

To prevent visual impairment by raising awareness about the causes of vision loss and the need for screenings amongst at risk groups and by promoting understanding of the individual, familial, and social costs of vision loss.

Service Delivery

To work towards universal eye care for all by establishing an alliance to improve access to eye care services and sharing resources.


To prevent visual impairment by advocating for comprehensive and affordable eye care services for all Georgians


Prevent avoidable vision loss and help an individual attain their full potential